Ponca State Park - Attractions.

Featuring popular main attractions, the Missouri River Outdoor Expo is proud to offer a variety of fun & family-friendly events throughout the day, including entertainment, educational experiences and interactive activities, demonstrations and displays.

This page will be updated periodically with our latest additions, so please check back soon for a list of 2013 attractions and schedule.
Horseback riding
Campground Games
Campfire Cooking for Kids
Critter Corner
Fossil & Treasure Dig
It's Alive: See and touch animals & critters from our area
Nature Crafts & Wildlife education activities

- Eric Wiebe Shooting Complex-Here's your chance to try new equipment or any shooting sport
under safe instruction and settings. All ammunition donated by the Nebraska, Iowa and South
Dakota Friends of the NRA and Pheasants Forever.
         • Scheel's Archery Demo Range
         • Archery-Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Ranges
         • .22 Long Rifle Range
         • Beginning Shotgun
         • Demo Shotgun-Gun representatives from Beretta, Benelli & Browning/Winchester
         • Modern Muzzleloading
         • Traditional Muzzleloading
         • Indoor Youth Pellet Gun Range
         • Sling Shot
         • Cowboy Fast Draw

- Big Game Camp (Turtle Field Dressing, Deer Processing, Turkey Calling, NGPC biologist talks)
- Turkey Camp (Turkey calling demos, Managing turkey on property, Expert Turkey Hunter talks)
- Wildlife Exhibits, Trappers
- Wildlife Management- Experts from NGPC, Pheasant's Forever & NE Department of Tourism - (Learn to manage habitat on your own land, Learn hunting & wildlife viewing opportunities)
- Duck Blind (Duck calling, Learn to arrange decoys, build a blind, ID waterfowl)


- Fish Exhibits (Live Fish of the Missouri River tanks, Learn to clean & cook freshwater fish (yummy samples!)
- Fly Fishing & Fly Tying
- Fishing for Trout on the Pond
- Bowfishing

- Climbing Wall
- John Deere Gator Course
- Law Enforcement (Latest equipment used to enforce fishing, hunting and park regulations)
- Life Upland Game & Habitat Display (Land management practices, Food plot management, Prescribed burning, Habitat Development)
- Missouri River Boat Rides (Pending suitable river conditions) & Boating Safety Seminars
- Sporting Dog Training Tips & Demos

- Camp Life (Tent set-up & take down, Campfire cooking, Camp games, Backpacking)
- Heritage Encampments - Mock 1800's encampment with ongoing demonstrations &
opportunities to try your hand at fire starting, flint knapping, blacksmithing, bow
making, black powder Muzzleloading, outdoor cooking and more. The
encampment participants set up camp and live on site for the two days just as
they would have 200 years ago!
- Outdoor Cooking
- Canoeing & Kayaking
- Scuba Diving
- Camper Trailers & RV vendors